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this page is my way or, well, my way. MY POV 24/7. Enjoy my struggles and successes! with me of course.

My mom brought me to work for my birthday. I’m officially six. or 42 if you wanna be rude about it. I had an awesome day filled with treats and attention from strangers, happy to announce my friends list just levelled up. I even got a steak cake! My tum was so happy, it was the best! I wish I could have shared it with you, but like Joey, I don’t share food. cheers to another year with these mates.

Not much has changed, except my teeth. I’m clearly still a stud muffin, I can’t sniff out my treats or smell my farts.

They say movie time, I say snack time before nap time. Maybe one day they will learn how to butter my popcorn properly…

Just another day, taking my humans on a walk, lucky for them I own the block!

Not sure who invented this unescapable bath but I would like to have a word with them. My humans are on probation until further notice!

seriously. done. with. the. pics! I’m over it guys. Keep the treats.