About Us

The world has not exactly been kind to us. Rather than giving into despair, we have created a solution that will not only help us to be the best people we can be, but to help others find their potential and hopefully happiness as well. 

We’re heading across the country, stopping at random locations on our way to make the whole world dance so snoop around and stay tuned for our next video, post, live or blog.

  • ​Make the world dance is a mobile crew that provides anyone and everyone, regardless of socioeconomical status, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed, support for the day, physically, mentally, and emotionally​
  • Unlike most charities and or nonprofit/ for profit subsidies that are stationary and only in specific areas, MTWD operations are mobile and not specific to any region​
  • We use music as a road to navigate life and openness to encourage and attract all, we believe we can help everyone lead a better life for themselves, and in the end ultimately the whole world.​
  • Each stop we will pop-up, break out our dancing shoes and disco lights, turn up the vibes and dance. *Services may sometimes include but are not subject to Free; Haircuts, Socks, Hygiene Items, and B-Booth Tickets

Eventually we will have Community Clean-up Events, Fundraisers for Charity, Morning Coffee And Meals at Lunch

If you vibe with our vibe so far and wanna go a bit further we strive to be as interactive as possible, encouraging your comments on here, watching our lives, voting in our recent polls and spreading the word by posting how you make the world dance using #mtw_dance